I used this week’s design challenge to learn about splash screens then create my own.

What is a splash screen?

Sample splash screens

A splash screen is the first thing users see when they open an app. It serves as a loading screen before bringing the user to the landing page. It can also be used to collect login info. It is important that this screen represents your brand and product because even…

This week’s design challenge was to create a pagination component.

I wanted to create a pagination component with a clean font and simple, but fun colors. I was inspired by some of the more animated pagination examples online, so I decided to add in a hand that slides the page indicator as the user interacts with the component.

I used this week’s design challenge to create a set of dynamic buttons.

A primary CTA button is used to indicate the most likely or desired course of action. More visual weight is given to this button. The contrast might be greater, the colors might be bolder, etc. In short, the primary CTA is more readable.

I decided to create a set of…

I used this week’s design challenge to create variations of loading animations for different use cases.

I created three loading animations for different uses.

1. Traditional progress bar for when the system wants to show progress and has the information to know how much progress as been made and how much is left (traditionally viewed as a percentage).

Julia Deutsch

Julia Deutsch


Product Manager with a background in computer engineering, design, business consulting, and agile methodology