A Clean, Practical Boarding Pass for when Travel is a Thing Again

I used this week’s design challenge to create a layout for a mobile boarding pass.

I wanted my boarding pass to be easy to use and helpful. I did this using several key features

  1. Placed bar code towards the top — usually the barcode is towards the bottom of the boarding pass, however, if you’re holding your phone out to someone to scan, the top of your phone will be closest to the scanner.
  2. Flight information is grouped at the bottom — the flight information is useful to make sure you get to the right gate at the right time (basically anything pre-boarding). The information is used early on, but becomes largely irrelevant once you’re at the gate, so I made it very accessible, but not front and center.
  3. The boarding specific information is at the top — the information needed to get on the plane and to your seat is placed at the top. It allows the passenger and the attendant to easily see and access critical information. For the attendant: name and barcode. For the passenger: boarding group and seat number.