An 80’s Sci Fi Leaderboard in Figma

I used this week’s design challenge to practice animations in Figma

In a throwback to the days of Tron and Alien Invaders, I created an 80’s Sci Fi leaderboard using classic visual elements of the era.

I achieved the glowing affect using two shadows around all the lettering. The shadows are the same color as the text to make the letters look like they’re glowing instead of using standard black shadows to make elements look merely elevated.

I created the effect of the ships flying at the viewer by moving them diagonally across the screen while also dramatically scaling up their size.

I move the text off the screen to give the impression that the ships are pushing that text off the screen to make way for new text.

The leaderboard itself sandwiches together such that each line of the board moves in at a different speed giving a scrunching effect to the board.

Figma is a really powerful prototyping tool that can give your designs so much more like than what we can give to merely static designs. I highly recommend checking it out!